“…Our women’s team won gold medals at the Olympic Games, but it happened “contrary to…” rather than “because of…”. Allegorically, the film “Cinderella” comes to my mind. Our girls are like fifteen Cinderellas. Having nothing, with poor training infrastructure and ill-equipped gyms, they managed to win in the final. We have prepared our proposals for development of handball in Russia, only 10 points, and I ask for them to be taken into account.

If the word “handball” appears next to the word “sambo” in today’s report, that would be great.

I’m speaking for the sake of our girls, our Cinderellas, because we do not have any place of our own, there is no specialized center for handball competitions in our country. Perhaps, the universal gym “Druzhba” could become our handball home after reconstruction.

Indeed, on the 1st of October we had a gala match: we honored champions from 1976 to this year. There were five thousand spectators, the Match-TV broadcast live. It was a great show!

I will mention only one fact: the handball was the second most visited kind of sport after football in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, being ahead of volleyball, basketball and gymnastics in ticket program. We are ready to further victories.

Please give us support!