On Tuesday, December 20, the annual Olympic meeting was held in Moscow. There were elections to the governing bodies of the Russian Olympic Committee.

Olympic fencing champion Stanislav Pozdnyakov, nominated by the Handball Federation of Russia (HFR), was elected ROC president for a second term. The post of the first vice-president was kept by Igor Levitin, and the vice-presidents were elected Vladimir Kozhin, Gennady Timchenko, Vasily Titov, and the head of HFR Sergey Shishkarev.

"This is an additional huge amount of work, to which I will devote my soul and all the available time, which, of course, is not enough in the day, - admitted after the meeting Sergey Shishkarev. - I think my skills as a manager solving complicated tasks will be useful in my new position. Just remember how our women's team made it to the Games in Rio de Janeiro without any doping scandals, how the men's team won a wild card to the world championship... I think that confirms my ability to negotiate, to convince people and even opponents, to defend the interests of Russia. These are not pathos words. One of the main tasks set by our managers, in particular Stanislav Pozdnyakov, is to conduct international negotiations. My experience is clear, I have knowledge of foreign languages, and working for a large logistics company allowed me to build up contacts all over the world. I expect that the European and International Handball Federations will become agents of our interests and help convince the international sports community of the need to admit Russian teams to the Olympics and qualification competitions. And I will fight not only for handball, but for all our athletes”.

Also the president of HFR became a member of the new executive committee of the Russian Olympic Committee. In total there are 29 members.

Executive committee of ROC: Yuri Avdeev, Yuri Borzakovsky, Olga Brusnikina, Elena Vyalbe, Nikolai Gulyaev, Dmitry Dubrovsky, Elena Isinbayeva, Vladimir Kozhin, Igor Levitin, Viktor Maigurov, Mikhail Mamiashvili, Natalia Melnikova, David Musulbes, Rodion Plitukhin, Stanislav Pozdnyakov, Alexander Popov, Vladimir Salnikov, Alexey Svirin, Vladimir Sengleev, Vitaly Smirnov, Shamil Tarpischev, Anatoly Terekhov, Gennady Timchenko, Vasily Titov, Vladislav Tretyak, Viktor Khristenko, Sergey Tsoi, Stanislav Shevchenko, Sergey Shishkarev.