At a press conference following the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Russian Handball Federation, Sergey Shishkarev, President of the Russian Handball Federation, told how the venues for the Super Cup were chosen and shared his thoughts on Russian star players playing for European teams.

On Friday, July 8th, the Russian Handball Federation Executive Committee met in the building of the Russian Olympic Committee. The Executive Committee approved the new format of the Russian National Championship, chose the dates and venues for the Super Cup matches, and appointed the head coach of Russia men’s youth team.

Sergey Shishkarev, President of the Russian Handball Federation, answered journalists’ questions.

Russian Super Cup

“WHBC CSKA and HBC Chekhovskiye Medvedi both applied to host Super Cup matches, and the Executive Committee approved their proposals. I think it was a good choice in terms of venues and media coverage. Both Dynamo Arena in Moscow and Olimpiyskiy Sports Palace in Chekhov are splendid venues that are comfortable for both teams and fans. I expect great interest in both matches. HBC Rostov-Don and HBC Viktor did not apply”.

OLIMPBET Super League

“13 teams will take part in the Russian Women’s Championship, including HBC Phoenix representing China. There will be 12 clubs in the Men’s Championship. We are glad that there is a rotation. Congratulations to HBC Skif from Omsk on qualifying for the OLIMPBET Super League. This is a vivid example of the common efforts of both Governor Alexander Burkov and Executive Committee member Oleg Shalaev, the main enthusiast of the Skif team. My congratulations to the Omsk people on hosting a top-level competition. The fans deserve it. We were at the opening of the Arena, we saw and heard how passionately they cheer for their team there.”

Transfers to European clubs

“Athletes have every right to play for any club they want. Last season, we had a lot of handball players playing in various European championships. I respect their choice. Anna Vyakhireva, Daria Dmitrieva, Marina Sudakova gave their all so that our national team won gold and silver at the Olympics, multiple medals at the World and European Championships. I hope they will play for the national team again. Now, these handball players will get match exposure at the highest level. I see more pros than cons in this. Anna Vyakhireva left for the Norwegian Vipers Kristiansand, which won the Champions League again this season. Daria Dmitrieva got into Krim, which has become very strong and ambitiously announces its plans to reach the Final Four of the Champions League. Valeria Maslova and Marina Sudakova will also play in top clubs. I would like to wish them all success so that everything works out for them. Let them sparkle in Europe. I had a dream to see HBC CSKA and HBC Rostov-Don in the Champions League final, which is one of the reasons why Delo Group sponsored the tournament. Well, now I hope that Anna Vyakhireva’s Kristiansand and Daria Dmitrieva’s Krim will meet in the fight for gold. And may the strongest team win. And thanks to these transfers, the Russian national team will get players who continue to improve their skills in the matchups against the strongest teams on the continent.

In the Russian Championship, new opportunities will open up for young talented athletes. We have already seen them in the squads of CSKA, Dynamo Volgograd and Rostov-Don. The youth will make a statement, gain experience, and the fans will find new favorite players.”

Daria Rotkevich

Source: Russian Handball Federation