On Friday, September 16th, a press conference was held in Novorossiysk, featuring President of the Russian Handball Federation Sergey Shishkarev, the mayor of the city Andrey Kravchenko and the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Sergey Altukhov.

The speakers touched upon the issues of sports in Novorossiysk, including a new stage in the development of FC Chernomorets and the entrance of HBC Chernomorochka into the Premier League. Delo Group participates in both projects.

Sergey Shishkarev, President of the Russian Handball Federation, initiated the creation of the new handball club this August: “There were all the prerequisites. I’ve often been asked why I don’t open a club here. It’s time to create a team in our hometown, to popularize our sport here.”

The press conference was associated with HBC Chernomorochka’s first match in the Premier League. In Novorossiysk, the club will host Sokol from the Bryansk Region.

“We have ambitious plans! At the end of this season, we want to win the first place in the Premier League and next year play in the Super League, so that Novorossiysk residents have the opportunity to cheer for their own team and see Olympic champions and prize-winners, the best handball players in the world, who will come to our hometown,” said Sergey Shishkarev.

Delo Sports Complex will become a home for the team. Chernomorochka will train and hold home matches there. Delo Group is considering whether to renovate Chernomorsky Sports Complex, which can fit a modern hall for 1,770 seats, or to build a new indoor arena in the city. “For now, Chernomorochka will play at Delo Sports Complex in Abrau-Durso. The regulations allow for Premier League matches to be held in such an arena, but the Super League already puts forward other requirements. We have the desire and ambition to build a new stadium and a new handball arena in the city,” Shishkarev shared his plans.

The new season of the Women’s Premier League starts today, September 16th. In its first and debut match, Novorossiysk’s Chernomorochka will host Sokol from the Bryansk Region. The match will start at 05:00 p.m. Moscow time.

Source: Russian Handball Federation