The International Handball Federation (the IHF) has approved the whole Russian national team roster for participation in Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games – 2016. The President of the Handball Federation of Russia (the HFR)  informed TASS about the confirmation of the permit, given by the president of the IHF doctor Hassan Moustafa.

“I have recently talked over the phone with the President of the IHF Dr. Hassan Moustafa. He has confirmed that our national team gets the permission to participate in the Olympics. The players were additionally tested just now and if a test of any player is positive, she will be suspended”, – Shishkarev said.

The International Olympic Committee (the IOC) held the meeting of the Executive Committee on 24 July, they discussed a possible suspension of the entire Russia’s national team from the Olympic Games. The EC decided against that and entrusted the relevant international sport federations to make the decision about participation of the teams.

Russian handball players will compete with teams of South Korea, France, Sweden, Argentina and Netherlands in the preliminary round at the Olympics-2016.

The XXXI summer Olympic Games will be held from 5th to 21st August 2016.

Source – TASS.