Sergey Shishkarev, President of the Russian Handball Federation, visited the Novogorsk base and met with the men’s national team.

First of all, the head of the Russian Handball Federation thanked the team for their responsible approach to and passion for the sport during this challenging time for Russian sports. Sergey Shishkarev told the players and coaches about international friendly matches and tournaments planned to be held, about the Federation’s appeals against the decisions of the European Handball Federation, and also assured that all projects for the development of handball in Russia would be continued. He also said a few words about the current state of business of Delo Group, the general sponsor of the Russian Handball Federation.

“There are objective difficulties both in business and in sports, but I incite both my company and you: we need to keep on working,” stressed Sergey Shishkarev. “I will not walk away from you. Handball remains my priority. It’s my life’s work. We will communicate with colleagues, look for new competition formats. We will make sure that you don’t lose your motivation and skill. And we will make sure that our national championship delivers the same thrills and chills. Handball has recently become the main supplier of positive news in Russian sports: we have hosted spectacular Final Four events for both the men’s and women’s National Cups, organized an international tournament for women’s teams, which Moscow will host next week. In general, we are not closing down, we are not giving up, but we are looking for ways to grow and develop. That is how we will move forward. Together. I am sure that the finals of the OLIMPBET Super League will be very interesting to watch and will attract increased attention.”

In conclusion, Sergey Shishkarev once again highlighted the good performance of the Russia men’s national team at the European Championship in January 2022. The team earned ninth place and, according to the President of the Russian Handball Federation, lacked just a bit of luck to finish in the top eight.

On behalf of the national team, team captain Daniil Shishkarev thanked Sergey Shishkarev for the kind words and support. He made a point that the meeting was inspiring and exactly what the players hoped for. “We value your support. We appreciate that you chose to personally share with us the plans for the future of handball. I think it means a lot, especially for our newcomers, who have never had a chance to communicate with you personally before,” said the right wing.

Next, Sergey Shishkarev plans to meet with the women’s national team, which will train in Novogorsk until April 21st and then will play in the OLIMPBET Friendship Cup. The tournament will be held in Moscow at Dynamo Volleyball Arena on April 22–23. Click on the link to purchase the tickets.

Dmitry Khristich

Source: Russian Handball Federation