Sergey Shishkarev, Chairman of the Boards of Directors of Delo Group and TransContainer, held a meeting with the employees of Sakhalin Shipping Company (SASCO) on September 2, during which he told about the plans and prospects of the company. Aleksandr Isurin, President of TransContainer, and Sergey Simanikhin, General Director of SASCO, also took part in the meeting.

In his speech to the employees, Sergey Shishkarev emphasized that preservation and development of the shipping company's personnel, maintaining its traditions and continuity is one of the key priorities for Delo Group, which also meets the position and vision of SASCO Transport Workers Union. In the near future all corporate and social obligations of SASCO will be brought to the general standards of the Group. Moreover, Delo Group is planning to elaborate and approve a program for renewal and expansion of the shipping fleet in order to realize the potential of foreign trade and coastal container transportation.

“SASCO is a very important asset for Delo Group. We will use it to build up the maritime logistics in order to secure Russia's foreign trade transactions not only in the Far East, but also along the entire length of the state borders. I am sure that right now is a time when the shipping company will be able to reach a new level of development in cooperation with our other assets,” noted Sergey Shishkarev during the meeting.

In August 2022, TransContainer acquired 58.51% of SASCO shares. The shipping company's fleet includes 13 ice-class sea vessels, which are under the technical supervision of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and sail under the Russian flag. The resources of one of the largest shipping companies in Russia will be focused at creating a multimodal operator with its own full-fledged marine component. In particular, the company's capabilities and experience will allow building effective logistics on the Northern Sea Route.